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john o'brien on locations to look at

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Photo reference taken by Salgood Sam in Chicago

Mon 04/08/2003 9:09 AM
While your there next week I think you should wander the loop area and get a sense of the architecture and the scale of things- the swarms of people- the different "kinds" that is, students, workers, "bums" etc- the trains, the taxis. You might want to ride the north side El to Howard Street and back to get a sense of the "back side of things." Stopping on a few platforms to inhale the scenes along the way. (No charge to get off and on). When I get there I can take you to the three or four locations that I always picture.

If you want to take the Sheridan Rd bus North out of the loop you'll travel along the lakefront. If you have a friend with transportation you might want to get to the Fullerton Ave pavilion on the lakefront. Its nothing much but where I picture Elmo playing "into the wind."

I have a specific location for Elliot's pad and the rather imaginary scene involving the "return of the prairie" and the long walk, the flute men and so on is composite from a number of images some of which I sent you in video stills. The inspiration for the setting itself was captured in some home video I sent you late last year (I think)....but we will visit that spot together.

Also- I would spend some time in the subways, platforms, stairwells, escalators...

Fri 01/08/2003 10:42 AM
The scene where Elliot lands in his dream is actually downtown (half real half my reconstruction) Its a place called burnam or buhrnam harbor just 500 yards south of the planetarium/aquarium complex on the lake not far from the downtown hostel you mentioned. I can show you many of the places when we’re together but I will go through the script and give you some scouting locations before then and before we meet. Buddy Guy's place is right downtown if you're staying at the downtown hostel and there is a free jazz place (both on Wabash just west of the Congress hotel)... I'll get some more spots listed for you too.

Fri 01/08/2003 5:34 AM
Both locations are relevant to the story- especially the downtown (Congress locale). Since much of the themes is centered about downtown and downtown culture and its people, I'd suggest this one. I used to live in the neighborhood the other one is located in. It near Loyola University and close to the lake. This is the north side that Elliot returns to and visits and not far from were he encounters Elmo playing "into the wind" off the pavilions on the lakefront. Its a short el ride downtown. This is the side of town that Elliot used to live in during Life at Night.

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